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Immanuel Lutheran Church

Sharing Christ’s Love Through Worship, Prayer, and Service

Committees & Groups

Immanuel has a number of ways you can use your skills and direct your interest in supporting our mission. Council has designated three active committees that work in special directions.

Outreach Committee - Developing and supporting community needs through social ministry and inviting visitors and new members into the Immanuel family.

Youth and Family Committee - Developing ways and events to support family growth in faith and operates the Sunday School program.

Property Management Committee - Operates and maintains the physical building and landscape Immanuel lives in.

Two other very active groups serve in special ways and have been doing so for a number of years.

Quilting Group - Designing and sewing quilts for world community needs with other churches in the synod, making baby blankets for our baptisms, and supplying quilts for our High School graduates.

Pasty Group - For those who enjoy social cooking, this group is a major fundraiser for special projects needed to improve and maintain our building and landscape.

To see more about these committees and groups, visit below.


Fall Harvest food collection

In the fall, a harvest food collection is held for 4 weeks and the donations are sent to the Salvation Army food pantry.

Outreach to seniors in need

Financial donations are made to several community services helping seniors, people with disabilities, and people in need.

Rummage Sale fund raiser

Every spring the Famous Immanuel Lutheran Church rummage sale is set up in church. Profits are used in our community projects for people in need.

Christmas Bell Gift Tree

At Christmas the Angle tree is set up and more than 30 gifts are provided by the congregation to people and families in need.


Graduate scholarships

Scholarships are provided to High School graduates for continuing their education.

Rally Day family event

Rally day at the start of the fall school dated is put on by the committee to invite families and kids to start Sunday school for the year.

Prayers away

A family event where parents helped their kids send off their prayers in balloons.


Removing old carpet

New carpet installed at a refurbishing project.


Quilters gift to Graduates

Quilters made and donated quilts for our graduates.


Full Pan Done

Fresh out of the oven.

Finnish Descendents

Of Finnish decent.

Customer check out

Packing up and ready to go.

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